1769 Sold-Brown and Black Leather cross-body pouch

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8×8 in

strap adjusts 23-44 in

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6 reviews for Sold-Brown and Black Leather cross-body pouch

  1. Terri

    I was wondering on this purse if it could have the brown go all the way around not just on the front and if there could be any front pockets. I like front pockets so I can have my cell phone in there. Thanks. Terri

    • Mary Kay Wilkinson

      Yes, I could do that. This bag had a outside front pocket and a slip pocket on the inside. The bag pictured is 8×8 with a long adjustable strap. Zipper closure.
      Mary Kay

  2. Terri Hyde

    Hi got your message. I didn't realize it had an outside pocket. How much to have the brown go all the way around. It looks really cute. You do nice work. Thsnks. Terri

    • Mary Kay Wilkinson

      Thank you! For time and materials: $65
      The strap would be adjustable at 48", unless you want it longer or shorter.
      The leather will be different but similar colors. The purse in photo is all repurposed. I will use repurposed black motorcycle jacket leather and a nice brown hide leather.
      I will plan to do the detail work in the front.
      I have a leopard print similar to photo. I have 3 custom orders I need to finish and then I will start yours, probably later this week.
      I think that it.
      I'm curious how you found me.
      Mary Kay

  3. Terri Hyde

    I was googling purses and your website came up. The price is fine but before you start I have questions. I wish I could see the leopard print and the color of the tan leather. I am kind of picky and some leathers look red and that's not what I want the photo on the site is really cute. What did you mean when you said about the detail on the front? I wish I could send you a photo of the pockets I was thinking about but when you said this purse had a front pocket that may be ok. I am signing off for tonight. Will check your response tomorrow. Thank yiu

  4. Mary Kay Wilkinson

    If you give me your email or cell phone, Id be happy to send you photos of leather and fabric.
    You can also be specific on any details you want. (The detail is the strip of black leather with rivets on the brown leather. I did that to hide a leather blemish!)
    I can also make it any size. The photo is 8×8 I believe.
    The price may change, depending on what you request.
    I look forward to making the perfect bag for you.

  5. Terri Hyde

    My cell is 810 964 1205. I would like to talk to u you have another bag I like as well it's the grey blue black cadenza bag. I was going back and forth between the two and I chose the black and tan because of the colors but I think I like the style and size of the other one better. I live in michigan and will be home after 6 tonight if u have any time to talk. Thanks

  6. Mary Kay Wilkinson

    Yes, the Black and Blue/Grey Cadenza bag is available. This design has been popular.
    I will be home tonight if you would like to call me. 831-588-0733
    I am in California. My husband was born in Michigan.

    Mary kay

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